The Grand Organ of the Cathedral of Messina

The first organ of the Cathedral, made by Messrs Tamburini, was inaugurated on August 14th, 1930 by Raffaele Manari, who had been its designer. Both the Temple and the instrument were destroyed in the bombing on June 13th, 1943. After only a few years they were once again rebuilt thanks to the strong determination of archbishop Angelo Paino. The present instrument was made in the year 1948 by Messrs Tamburini according to Master Vignanelli’s design. It was inaugurated by Master Gasparini on Sunday August 8th. It appears in the list of  “The World’s Largest Organs”.

The console is where all the controls necessary for the functioning of the instrument are placed. From there the organist performs pieces of music, in other words he sends all the controls which, through an electric-pneumatic-mechanical system, reach all the different parts of the organ in order to let the air into the pipes so that they can play.


Our console is usually placed in the transept and it can be moved within a 20 m radius. It has 5 keyboards of 61 keys and a 32-note pedalboard. The pipes, almost 16,000, are placed in different parts of the organ, thus taking advantage of the unique possibility of a multistereophonic play of sounds. In fact, the Tibia Major and the Tuba Mirabilis (at a height of 30 m on the triumphal arch) and the delicate registers of the Echo Organ (at 90 m from the panel) make the instrument one of the most interesting organs of the world.

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